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Arte Masterclasses 2024

Expand your skillset and knowledge of historical performance practice.




Arte dei Suonatori Masterclasses was created to give students the opportunity to broaden their skills and knowledge in historical performance practice. It is addressed both to those already performing on historical instruments, and to those looking to enrich their skills in playing modern instruments with historically-informed practice.

Our lecturers are experienced artists and professors working with the Arte dei Suonatori orchestra as chamber musicians and soloists.

And what else?

Violin and viola consultations for applicants for the Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz.

... and?

Pianoforte consultations for applicants for the Academy of Music in Katowice and Krakow.

... and?

Cello consultations for applicants for the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw

... and additionally?

Consultations for viola da gamba applicants for the Royal College of Music in London as well as for flauto traverso class in the Mozarteum University in Salzburg.

and for the best of the best?

Paid internship in the Arte dei Suonatori Orchestra.

Your Lecturers

Arek Goliński

Violin, Viola

Leader of the Arte dei Suonatori orchestra. For almost 30 years, early music has been constantly inspiring him to creative research focused mainly on exploring the sound language of the Age of Enlightenment. He is a dedicated educator, always ready to share his knowledge and passion for music. In years 2011-2019, he has taught baroque violin and chamber music at the Royal Conservatory in Copenhagen.

Ewa Golińska

Violin, Viola

Co-founder of Arte dei Suonatori. She concentrates her concert activity on this ensemble, playing both the violin and viola in the orchestra, solo and in chamber music performances. In recent years, she has enthusiastically pursued her interest in the music of classical and romantic eras, performing chamber music of that period. She teaches historical violin and viola at the Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz.

Marcello Gatti

Traverso Flute

Particularly appreciated by critics for his sensitive virtuosity, great cantabile and stylistic competence, he has given concerts all over the world, performing with Renaissance, Baroque, Classical and Romantic transverse flutes. He has participated in over 80 productions including audio and video recordings always with historical instruments. He has been appointed professor of historical transverse flute in 2014 at the prestigious Mozarteum University in Salzburg (Austria).

Tomek Pokrzywiński


He performs as the first cellist with Arte dei Suonatori and Holland Baroque, as well as with many other renowned European ensembles and soloists. He likes breaking stereotypes and combing the borders of classical music, which leads to many extremely interesting initiatives, such as the activity of the band Bastarda. He teaches a Baroque cello class at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music.

Reiko Ichise

Viola da Gamba

Chamber musician, member of ensembles and soloist working with many great conductors and orchestras (including English Baroque Soloists, English Chamber Orchestra, Academy of Ancient Music, Gabrieli Consort & Players). A longtime member of the Fretwork ensemble, critically acclaimed as "the best viola consort on Earth". She teaches viola da gamba at the Royal College of Music in London.

Katarzyna Drogosz


The performance practice on historical pianofortes is a core of her artistic expertise. She focuses on exploring the rhetoric and aesthetics of Classical and Romantic music. As well as solo recitals, she enjoys taking part in chamber and orchestral music. She is a member of Trio Laflamme and forms a duet with renowned British fortepianist, Geoffrey Govier. With Arte dei Suonatori she performs solo and in various chamber music combinations. She teaches at the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice where she holds the first fortepiano class in Poland, and at the Academy of Music in Kraków.

Radziejowice Palace

The beautiful palace complex in Radziejowice.

Radziejowice - a small town located on the slightly undulating terrain of the Mszczonów area, it has always charmed its visitors with its picturesque landscape and undisturbed peace. The renaissance mansion, numerously expanded and restructured through the years, achieved its current form of a standard baroque palace along with an extensive garden in the middle of the 17th century. Today, a multi-site cultural center is the most recognised beacon of art in the region. Basing our masterclasses in the Radziejowice Palace not only provides participants with countless, inspiring spaces for daily practising, but also allows access to many concert halls and venues within the palace complex.


a’=415, 430 or 440Hz

All the participants will have an opportunity to play together with harpsichord or the pianoforte. Harpsichord is in 415Hz with transposition to 440Hz. We will have 2 pianofortes: a classical Stein model is in 430Hz and an early XIX century Rosenberger model in 440Hz. We would recommend for string players not to change the pitch during a course since it is always problematic for your instruments. If you are planning on working on both baroque and later repertoire and you have got 1 instrument the good solution might be for you to keep 440Hz pitch all the way which works both with harpsichord and pianoforte.

The flute players are welcome to bring more instruments in different pitches.
In the application form please tick the box or boxes to let us know which pitch you are going to choose. We will plan ensembles and orchestra workshop accordingly.


Available courses


€499 €479 till 21.01

5x 60 min Individual classes


€479 €459 till 21.01

2x 60 min Individual classes

3x 60 min Chamber music classes


€459 €439 till 21.01

5x 60 min Chamber music classes


All courses include:

5 nights, double or triple rooms

Full board at the Palace Restaurant.

Working with an experienced harpsichordist-accompanist Dagmara Tyrcha.

Participation in improvisation workshops led by Reiko Ichise.

Consultation on the selection and purchase of historical instruments and selection of historical strings, bridges, rosin, etc.

Opportunity to participate in the concert of participants at the Nowy Dom Sztuki.

Orchestra Workshop *

Classes for chamber ensembles include both already existing ensembles as well as those created during the course. The main aim of the course is to work on chamber pieces, which constitute a large portion of the 17th - 19th century concert repertoire. Classes of the same ensemble will be conducted by different lecturers (melodic voice, basso continuo) in order to show different aspects of working on the pieces. There is no limit to how the ensembles can be structured, the repertoire includes music from the middle of 17th to the middle of 19th centuries. A detailed list of pieces to be prepared by the bands created during the course will be announced at a later date.

* All participants are welcome to take part in the orchestra sessions. The theme of the workshop will be the pulse in 18th century music, first of all metric and harmonic patterns. Pulse is the most essential element that binds an ensemble together, which is why this year's course will be devoted to this feature of music and ensemble playing.


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